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So... hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. My name is Lizzi and I'm a psychology major at MTSU. I'm not from Tennessee but I can't tell you where "home" is because I've lived too many places. I have 2 years left here and then I'll be off to my next place, wherever life may take me. I love music (playing or watching others perform), traveling, and spending time with people I care about. I'm passionate about helping others and do a lot of volunteering. I'm the founder and president of To Write Love on Her Arms - MTSU UChapter as mental health & suicide prevention is big calling in my life. Check us out at!


So as some of you may know, I’ve been in the process of forming a To Write Love on Her Arms University Chapter for a while now. It’s been something I’ve been so passionate about, but there have been a lot of road blocks.

First, I had to return to school after being gone a year for treatment/hospitalization. I moved to Tennessee hoping to finish up my degree in music business. When I arrived here, I found out that almost none of my 90 credits would transfer, and I’d be starting over. I about gave up. Then, I decided that if I was going to have 3-4 more years of school, I might as well do something I actually want. So I switched to psychology and planned to start this spring. I didn’t give up.

But then in order to start the UChapter, I had to attend a TWLOHA MOVE Community Conference. So I waited until they finally announced there would be one in Chicago. I didn’t have the funds to travel there, so I asked my dad to help pay for it as my Christmas present. I didn’t give up.

Last month, I flew to Chicago to attend the conference. I applied to start a UChapter, but I didn’t even know for sure if I would be attending school in the spring, as I was still waiting on financial things.  I worried that all of this work would be a waste if I couldn’t start school, and I would be really disappointed. But just before Christmas, I got the email I needed and found out I would be starting school this month. I didn’t give up.

I waited quite impatiently for school to start because before I can do anything, I need a faculty advisor. They warned that it may be very challenging to find one, but to keep trying. So Thursday was my first day of school. I was only on campus for 15 minutes so I didn’t start my advisor search until Friday (yesterday). After class ended, I went to a couple departments on campus with packets of info about TWLOHA and asked if anyone wanted to be my advisor. No luck. Left feeling disappointed, because despite knowing it might be a challenge and it being my first real day ever at this university, I really thought I could do it. But I didn’t give up.

I came home and jumped on the computer. It was a Friday at 3pm and I knew staff would be leaving campus at any time. But I emailed my packet to the psych department, who had rejected me just an hour before. Within 3 hours, I had an email in my inbox from one of the psych faculty (in fact, my very own psychology teacher) saying he’s very interested in being my advisor and wants to meet to discuss details. We’re meeting Wednesday after class. 

In one day, at a brand new huge school, anxiety and all, I came out of my shell and told people about my passion, and I may have just gotten what I need to finally get this UChapter started. I never gave up.

Today I started all the paperwork and got through most of it, including writing the constitution. This has really taught me 2 things: If it’s meant to be, it will happen. And if you are determined and passionate enough, you can make anything happen. 

If you want something in life, never give up. You CAN make it happen.

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